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Birding Africa, Cape Town Pelagics, Cape Birding Route, Cape Bird Club (0219811275 – Jo Hobbs, Richard Grant), Cape Birdnet, SA Bird club forum.

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Fishing (surf fishing and salt-water flyfishing)

– see fish list (surf fishing and salt-water flyfishing)

Activities | Beach Fishermen
Activities | Family Fishing
Activities | Fishing
Activities | Fishing Arniston
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Activities | Wayne Sunset Grunter

Walking / Hiking through fynbos

Activities | Boots
Activities | Fynbos
Activities | Fynbos
Activities | Hiking
Activities | Hiking Boots
Activities | Trail Map - Hiking Running Walking

Trail running

Activities | Running
Activities | Running
Activities | Running
Activities | Running
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Activities | Trail Map - Hiking Running Walking


Swimming in the farm reservoirs, in the De Mond Nature Reserve river and in the sea (note : there are only lifesavers in Arniston during holiday season)

Activities | Beach
Activities | Beach
Activities | Cottage Pool
Activities | Cottage Pool
Activities | River Swimming
Activities | River Swimming

Beach walks

There is a wonderful walk (about 13kms) from De Mond Nature Reserve to Arniston Beach best done only at LOW TIDE (along the beach)

Activities | Dawn
Activities | Dunes
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Activities | Water

Cycling – off road trail ride

Off road trail ride.

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Reading & relaxing

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Activities | Reading
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The area is truly inspirational for artists.

Activities | Artist
Activities | Boy painting
Activities | Paint brushes
Activities | Paint brushes
Activities | Painting
Activities | Artist

Wine tasting at the local wine farms in the area

Visit the local wine farms in the area (Strandveld / First Sighting, The Berrio, Black Oystercatcher – Elim area)

Activities | Barrels
Activities | The Berrio Web K1
Activities | Glass
Activities | The Berrio Web K1
Activities | Wine
Activities | Wine Tasting

Visiting the beaches of Arniston or Waenhuiskrans & seeing the “cave”

Visit Arniston beach & walk to the “well reknown Waenhuiskrans / cave”

Activities | Cave inside sunset
Activities | Cave inside
Activities | Cave outside
Activities | Cave people inside
Activities | Sign
Activities | Waenhuiskrans Cave

The Waenhuiskrans cave is the best-known cave within the area and known world-wide. This cave is one of the focal points of the Waenhuiskrans/Arniston town as Waenhuiskrans is named after this natural phenomenon.

Visiting the fishing village of Kassiesbaai, which borders Arniston and meeting the locals

Visiting the local fishing village bordering Arniston. An opportunity to meet the local village people

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The area is a wonderful space for the creative spirit.

Activities | Camera
Activities | Camera
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Activities | Photography
Activities | Selfie

Eating Out

Although there are only a few options to choose from, we would recommend sampling the local fare at Willeens Meals Arts & Crafts House in Kassiesbaai or the Arniston Hotel in Arniston.

Activities | Arniston Oysters
Activities | Arniston Speciality
Activities | Arniston Hotel 1961
Activities | Willeens
Activities | Willeens afternoon
Activities | Willeens inside

History of the area


In 1766 the Dutch Hoeker, Meermin went to Madagascar to buy slaves for the Cape. There was a revolt by the slaves and the sailors cut the anchor cable and the ship ran a shore. The location where it ran ashore is at the river month. Two wrecks were already found but after identification was found not to be the Meermin (J. Boshoff 2012, UZIKO Museum, pers comm). Another vessel the Maggie was also grounded in 1872 approximately 2 km from the current mouth 34°43’10”S and 20°06’29”E. After heavy storms the Maggie reveals herself.

Activities | An 18th-century Dutch hoeker - similar to Meermin
Activities | Arniston
Activities | Beach Walk Arniston
Activities | Bitsarniston
Activities | Bonesofa - Arniston
Activities | Repulse, an East Indiaman from the same period and similar in size to the Arniston

Archeological Middens

Archaeological material of importance is present near Struispunt in the Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve. A number of stone features occur across the midden surface. These are clusters of mostly cobbles and some boulders. Some of the features, not having eroded and slumped, are distinct but most are dispersed to varying degrees. In a few instances, ashy and carbonised sediment is visible between and below the stones. Many flaked quartzite cobbles as well as quartz cores and flakes lie scattered on the surface. A small number of the un-flaked cobbles show use as hammer stones and grindstones. Ochre (pigment) is present but uncommon. Pottery fragments are also present but infrequent.

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Activities | Midden

Fish traps (Visvyvers)

Many fish traps are found within the inter-tidal zone of the Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve. The local community has over the years maintained these traps, which periodically yield good catches of fish. These traps are a good provider of protein during the winter months, when bad weather dictates that boats cannot go out to sea. All of the Waenhuiskrans fish traps are older than 60 years and thus are protected by South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).

Activities | Ancient Fish traps
Activities | Ancient Fish traps
Activities | Fishtraps Waenhuiskrans
Activities | Fish traps - Still Bay
Activities | Stilbaai Fish Traps
Activities | Visserman

Navigational Beacon

The beacon, erected on 28 September 1871, was built due to the number of ships striking Saxon Reef just off Struis Point. This beacon used to have a large copper ball on top that reflected the rays of the sun to the ships at sea. It is of great historical importance as it is the only known one of its kind ever erected. During November 2003 Portnet installed a light on top of the existing beacon as a navigational tool for sea users.

Activities | Navigational Beacon
Activities | Arniston
Activities | Arniston
Activities | Arniston Lighthouse - Navigational Beacon
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Activities | Navigational Beacon

Other Artefacts

Elephant skeletons of an adult and calf were recovered from shifting sand dunes in the late 1980’s.